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Gerard Butler

With Tour Group of Fans at Glasgow UniversityFor Gerry Butler Fans!

I have recently expanded my tour “folio” to include Scottish movie locations with particular relevance to the Glasgow-born actor, Gerard (Gerry) Butler. 

In January 2006 the first ever Fan Convention was held in Glasgow and I was asked to design a full day tour with particular relevance to Gerard Butler. Such was the demand that 2 days of tours had to be organised. 

The route started in Glasgow passing by the University where Gerry obtained his law degree and went on to Paisley (his birthplace). 

Rainbow over the Clyde (Dear Frankie location)As his fans know, Gerard Butler is the actor chosen to play the lead role of Robert Burns in a movie which is to focus on part of the poet’s life. The tour therefore involved a visit to the Burns Birthplace cottage at Alloway and to some sites in that area relevant to the poet – his memorial, the 14th c Brig o’ Doon and the old, haunted church – Kirk Alloway. 

From there the tour moved up to Clydeside to the area used for the filming of “Dear Frankie”. There the groups shared the stunning view over the Clyde coast, the football and park bench scenes, views over the Esplanade, the entrance tiles to the flat, the scene where Frankie waves goodbye and past the Ocean terminal where the Accra was berthed. From there we went on to see the dance location and where the final walks were filmed before going to the pier where the stone skimming and final scene of the film were made. Lastly we all went to see the mudflats where the stranger (Gerard Butler) and the young boy ran out together. 

If you would like a similar tour, I can design one specially for you. With small groups some of the additional locations can be added – you can have an ice-cream in the same café used in the film, see the chip shop location and the exterior shots of the flat. You can even stand on the same spot in the same street where the Stranger waves goodbye. 

Just get in touch and I will design the tour you want.